Why Hire a Tax Professional?

This video explains the proper steps needed in completing a tax return and why you would benefit from hiring a tax professional.

How to Choose the proper Tax Professional

This video goes over the 10 step process of choosing the proper tax professional for you and your family.

Tax Documents to provide your Tax Professional

This video explains the best ways to gather all necessary tax documents and provide them in an organized manner to your tax professional.

Do I need to issue 1099s?

This video explains the ins and outs of Form 1099-MISC.

Who can claim the Child?

This video explains who qualifies as child and who is able to claim the child on the tax return.

Who is considered a qualifying Relative?

This video explains which individuals can be claimed on your tax return for a possible tax credit if they cannot be claimed as a qualifying child.

Enhanced Due Diligence Requirements for Tax Professionals

This video goes over the due diligence requirements the IRS is imposing on both the taxpayer and tax professionals.

Top 5 mistakes found on self-prepared tax returns

This video explains the top five mistakes that our firm has found on self-prepared tax returns.

How to file a Federal Tax Extension

This video takes you through the process of how-to timely file a Federal Tax Extension.

What is a basis worksheet?

This video explains the importance of a basis worksheet and how it factors into a taxpayer’s personal tax return.

How to report Virtual Currency

This video explains what virtual currency is and all the reporting requirements associated with virtual currency.