Tax Preparation

Accurate tax returns that take advantage of all tax breaks in the Internal Revenue Code ensure that you are legally paying the least amount of taxes. In addition, an accurate tax return should be audit proof assuming you keep all the records to support the numbers.

Personal Tax Returns


Personal returns are due April 15th and can be extended to October 15th. Our tax checklist tells clients what information we will need to accurately prepare their tax return. Marion & Associates LLC will analyze the tax return after preparation and compare it to the prior-year return. Our tax professionals will explain any major deviations to our clients.

Business Tax Returns


Business Tax Returns have different due dates depending on the type of business entity. The business owner will need to provide an updated Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet as of the end of the tax year. In addition, we will need the quarterly payroll reports if there are any employees to confirm payroll is correctly reported on the tax return. Businesses need to issue 1099s to subcontractors by January 31st of the following year. Our tax professionals need to indicate on the business return if the company issued 1099s if they had an obligation. We will conduct a high-level overview of the company financials to see if anything looks inaccurate. If there are substantial problems with the financials, we may recommend bookkeeping services to ensure the financial statements are accurately reported.

Tax Preparation Process


The cycle starts by scheduling and attending an appointment with one of our tax professionals or dropping off your tax documents with one of the staff. We recommend scheduling an appointment for all new clients and clients that had significant changes from the prior year. We work on tax returns in the order that they arrive to our office. The earlier in the season that you provide your documents, the quicker the turnaround is. We average a two-week turnaround, but that increases during mid-March into April. One of our tax professionals will prepare your tax return and contact you with any questions or missing information. When all missing information is gathered and properly input into the tax return, it will get reviewed by one of our Certified Public Accountants (CPA) to ensure all information is accurately reported and all possible deductions and credits were claimed. We will provide a PDF copy of your tax return (upon request) to review and you can ask any questions you may have. Once all questions are answered, our staff will process the tax return and you will be notified to come into the office to pick up your return.

Interested in Tax Preparation?

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