Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning needs to start well before you are thinking about retiring.  At Marion & Associates LLC, we inform individuals and business owners of the all possible retirement plans and help them select the appropriate plan.



Most people try to save as much money as possible into their employer’s 401k plan. Is that the right plan for you now? When will it be the right plan? Our highly experienced tax professionals will show how different retirement plans work and the effect they will have on your tax return now and in the future. Individuals need to periodically review their retirement plans. Retirement plans will need to re-evaluated due to income level changes, age, and life events.

We help individuals and business owners to select the appropriate retirement plan.

Business Owners


When running your own business, you need to manage what is best for your retirement and the employees. How much does the company have to match in a 401k? What is a defined benefit plan? Our firm will help you evaluate all the potential retirement plans to assist you in selecting the most appropriate plan for you and your employees.

Do I have enough to retire?


Retirement can be an exciting time in a person’s life, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Many thoughts can race through your head: Do I have enough money? Did I hit that magic retirement number? The retirement needs of each individual varies depending on life style, outstanding debts, and cost of living. Our tax professionals will take a high-level overview of your assets, liabilities, income, and spending. We will analyze your risk tolerance and make some assumptions about inflation and market growth. You will be provided an analysis of the potential yearly retirement income that will be compared to your yearly spending to determine if you can comfortably retire. We will work together so that you feel more comfortable and confident in your retirement situation.

Interested in Retirement Planning?

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