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CPA & Accounting Services in Main Line, PA

Marion & Associates, LLC is a family-run CPA firm specializing in personal and business income tax returns as well as tax services to help reduce taxes now and in the future.

Individuals and business owners may decide to prepare their own tax returns and conduct their business without seeking the advice of a CPA. Trying to cut costs can possibly lead to IRS notices, additional taxes and penalties, and even an IRS audit if done incorrectly. A CPA is a resource that every person should utilize. CPAs provide financial guidance when making difficult tax, business, and/or life decisions such as:

  • What other tax deductions am I able to claim?
  • Am I eligible for the Child Tax Credit (CTC)?
  • Am I able to claim a home office deduction?
  • Should I withdraw funds from my 401k or IRA to help pay for college?
  • How do I adjust my withholdings on Form W4?
  • Should I form an LLC or S Corporation?
  • Does my business need to issue 1099s?
  • What expenses can I deduct for my business and/or rental property?
  • What business records do I need to keep?

CPA Services in Main Line, PA

You just need to find the right CPA for you and your family. Remember, you are investing in yourself and the firm you select will guide you throughout your financial journey.

Our firm prides itself on customer service and the education of its accountants. The lead accountants at Marion & Associates, LLC have their CPA, EA, and CFP® licenses. The CPAs at our firm surpass their minimum education requirements and speak on tax issues throughout the year for professional organizations. Having highly educated and recognized CPAs allows all of our clients to receive top-notch service while ensuring all tax deductions are properly reported on the tax return.

Our firm offers a variety of services to both individuals and business owners. We want to ensure that we can provide all the necessary services you will ever need. Our goal is to form an everlasting partnership with you and your family to help guarantee all tax deductions are accurately claimed to maximize your tax refund.

CPA & Accounting Services in Main Line, PA

Marion & Associates, LLC’s rates are competitive among other CPA firms in our area. The initial consultation is free to make certain that we will be a proper fit now and in the future. During tax season, our firm offers evening and weekend appointments to accommodate all our clients’ needs. Ultimately, we aim to make your taxes as seamless as possible and hope you choose to be part of our family.

Accountant & CPA Company Services in Main Line, PA

Main Line is a historical and social region of suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The area lies along the former Pennsylvania Railroad. “Main Line” is just another name for the western suburbs of Philadelphia along Lancaster Avenue. Main Line offers many recreational activities and attractions to the area it encompasses. Some of these include the King of Prussia Mall, The Devon Horse Show, the Chanticleer Garden, and many more. Contact Marion & Associates LLC today so we can help make your taxes as seamless as possible!

Accountant & CPA Company Services in Main Line, PA