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CPA Services in Coatesville, PA

Marion & Associates, LLC is a family-run CPA firm that specializes in personal and business income tax returns as well as tax services to help reduce taxes now as well as in the future.

Individuals and business owners may decide to try to cut costs by preparing their own tax returns and conducting their business without seeking the advice of an accountant or CPA. This can, and often does, lead to IRS notices, additional taxes and penalties, and even, in some cases, if it’s done incorrectly, it can lead to an IRS audit. CPAs can help you avoid this. They’re an invaluable resource that everyone can and should utilize, which provides financial guidance when making difficult tax, business, and/or life decisions such as:

Coatesville, PA CPA Services
  • What other tax deductions can I claim?
  • Am I eligible for the Child Tax Credit (CTC)?
  • Can I claim a home office deduction?
  • Should I withdraw funds from my 401k or IRA to help pay for college?
  • Will I have enough money for retirement?
CPA Services in Coatesville, PA

CPA Firm Expert in Coatesville

It’s vital to find the right CPA for you and your family. With a CPA, you’re investing in yourself. The firm that you ultimately select can be instrumental in helping to guide you throughout your financial journey.

We at Marion & Associates, LLC pride ourselves on customer service and our thorough training of our Accountants. The lead Accountants at Marion & Associates, LLC have their CPA, EA, and CFP® licenses. The CPAs at our firm are trained well past the basic education requirements for CPAs and speak on tax issues throughout the year for professional organizations. Having highly educated and recognized CPAs allows all of our clients to receive the highest quality service available and ensures all tax deductions are properly reported on the tax return.

We offer a variety of services to both business owners and individuals because we want to ensure that we can provide the specific services that are right for you. Our goal is to form an everlasting partnership with you and your family to help guarantee all tax deductions are accurately claimed to maximize your tax refund.

Marion & Associates, LLC’s rates are competitive among other CPA firms in our area. The initial consultation is free because it’s designed to ascertain whether or not we will be a proper fit now and in the future. During tax season, our firm offers evening and weekend appointments to accommodate all our clients’ needs. Our end goal is to make your taxes as seamless as possible.

CPA Company Services in Coatesville, PA

Coatesville, PA is a city in Chester County in the Commonwealth on Pennsylvania about 40 miles to the West Of Philadelphia. The Coatesville area is an area that has been inextricably linked economically to the vicissitudes of the Steel industry. In fact, it developed in the 20th century with the growth of Lukens Steel Company. The Coatesville, PA population grew when Lukens Steel Company grew and fell when industrial restructuring reduced the amount of jobs Lukens offered. The Coatesville area has a lot to offer its residents, from parks and museums to bars and restaurants. We at Marion & Associates LLC encourage Coatesville area residents to contact us today so that we can make your taxes as seamless as possible.

CPA Company Services in Coatesville, PA