Business Entity Selection

When starting up a business, selecting your business entity is one of the first decisions that needs to be made. This decision should not be taken lightly and should be thoroughly analyzed due to the vast tax implications. During a consultation, one of our highly educated tax professionals will uncover the nature of your business, company plans for the present and the future, number of partners/members/shareholders, etc. to start gathering information pertinent to selecting the appropriate business entity.

There are many types of business entities (sole proprietor, LLC, partnership, LLP, S Corporation, C Corporation) available for your business.  Our firm will provide a brief overview of all business entities and the pros and cons associated with each type. Most individuals usually want to pick the business entity that saves the most taxes.  However, if you cannot ensure all the rules associated that entity will be followed, it probably is not right for you or the business. Our firm assists our clients in looking at the whole picture when selecting a business entity.

The business entity you chose when you first started your company may not be suitable for your company now.  When businesses grow/change or the tax law changes, companies need to re-evaluate their entity selection. At Marion & Associates LLC, we walk our clients through the proper selection process one step at a time.  We want you to be informed and actively involved when we guide you through the process of selecting the perfect entity for your business.

Interested in Business Entity Selection?

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